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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 23, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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good morning. 5:59. just about to turn 6:00. we have mid-60s this morning. and we've got ourselves a warm-up for the next couple days, even though autumn is officially here, our first full day of autumn starts at 65 in veterans elementary school in ellicott city. mostly cloudy, a little bit of patchy fog now, monkton 66, 66 perry hall as well and pushing 70 in rock hall on the eastern shore. mid-60s to near 70. mostly cloudy, partly sunny at times, and the chance of showers popping up this afternoon. once again just a spotty shower here and there. not a washout but still take that umbrella just to be on the safe side. temperatures up near our two-degree guaranteed high of 80. 6:00 now. let's check the roads with kim brown. >> good morning. we don't really have too many problems around the area right here at route 50 and route 97, traffic is beginning to bill but we don't have problems. we have an incident, riva road at truman parkway, they have that intersection closed because of a gas main leak.
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i'm getting word it should open at 6:00 a.m. i'll tell you when it happens. northbound, harbor tunnel thruway at the bw parkway, right shoulder remains blocked because of debris in the road. a truck lost a dumpster. so you will probably see clean-up crews on scene, so use caution. we don't really have any other issues to let you know about. traffic looks great so far. back to you. coming up on 6:01. a story you'll only see on abc2 news. our pete "on the street" o'neal on the scene of this car crash in york road. sources say a man stole a car and got scared when he saw police, ended up driving over the wall. this happened around 4:30 this morning in front of towson university. the driver of the car not hurt. but was arrested at the scene of the crash. it seems no one is going to duck and miss out on the budget cuts coming to baltimore city. >> every department, every office is going to feel it. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live at city hall with what is going on this morning. >> reporter: good morning. baltimore city faces a budget shortfall of more than $60 million. last night the city's fire
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chief met with his personnel to try to explain the situation. he says cuts are coming and there's no way to avoid it but right now what they have to try and do is figure out how to make the cuts without sacrificing public safety. the head of the firefighters union says he talked to a number of his longtime colleagues who say morale has never been lower. he says all the city's firefighters could be furloughed for several days, and more than 90 could be laid off. this could close up to 10 fire companies permanently. >> the citizens are at really grave risk but we also sometimes have to think of ourselves too. it will start putting firefighters at risk of injury or even death. how do we meet this new lower budget and have the least effect on the firefighters but more importantly the least effect on the public. >> reporter: the board of estimates is expected to approve the mayor's plan. that meeting will take place later this morning at 9:00 at city hall.
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the negotiations between the firefighters and the police department, that is expected to be until october 21st. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a hot issue and could have a huge impact on the services in our city, should the budgets be cut back? friend us on facebook and twitter. write us and we want to get your comments on the air. megan? the mayor of baltimore has an extra $10,000 in her bank account and state prosecutors are trying to figure out from where the money came. an investigator says he interviewed mayor sheila dixon's family including her nephew and former university of maryland star juan dixon but all said they didn't give her the money this. comes as the mayor stands accused of lying about gifts from former boyfriend and developer ronald lipscomb as well as stealing gift cards that were intended for needy families. a civil lawsuit against a baltimore city police officer has been tossed out of court. a youtube video reload lead
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last year show -- released last year show an officer screaming at a kid. >> where are you from? >> i didn't do anything. >> the civil lawsuit was filed by the family of the teen who says he was yelled at as well as man handled. according to a police spokesperson the 17-year veteran was put back on routine patrol a year ago. the police department finished its investigation and still awaiting a panel to determine if the officer will be disciplined. no word if the teen's family will appeal. 6 0678d 4. a baltimore -- 6:04. a baltimore man pleads guilty to selling guns from a potato chip stand in lexington park. michael poponakis sentenced to 15 years in prison. he was licensed to sell -- not licensed to sell guns. the daily record of baltimore is reporting the family of the 2-year-old payton potochney
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burned after two teens poured sulfuric acid on a middle river playground slide settled a lawsuit against the baltimore county board of education. details of the settlement haven't been disclosed. the school board was named because it was their acid that was not properly secured. the $6 million suit was supposed to go to trial next month. 6:05. juvenile crime is a serious and very real problem in baltimore. last night the naacp and some of the city's most influential players met with the community to work out a sort of game plan. the goal was for city and state leaders to listen to the ideas that neighbors had and in turn the state, city, naacp as well as other groups discussed what they can do to help curb the trend. >> we have so many government agencies, so many state agencies that are not serving these communities as well as they should. that's where the naacp has to give everybody a nudge. we got to give the community, the parents a nudge, state and government a nudge, including naacp, we have to do a little
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bit more. >> there are a lot of things to discuss but one thing is that nearly everyone agreed on, the importance of education as well as parental involvement. you have to admit, this is a little weird today. while they are cutting the budget on holiday street we're getting get money from the inner harbor. >> money from the federal government. linda so tells us what is planned for today. >> the homeland security secretary will be in town. she'll be with the governor to let us know maryland is getting more money to improve mass transit, fire stations and the port of baltimore. the port is already undergoing changes to make it greener. last month it got $3.5 million to upgrady equipment that will reduce diesel emissions. the money was used to buy tug boats, trucks and locomotives. it's part of the massive economic stimulus package congress passed in february. part of the money will also be used to modernize mass transit. maryland will get more than $500,000 to help make the mta
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go green. it comes on the heels of a report that shows a huge jump in marylanders using mass transportation. this morning's announcement will happen at 9:45 at the inner harbor. we're in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. atlantans are struggling to recover from days of deadly floods. at least eight deaths reported including that of a 2-year-old boy pulled from his father's arms by the rushing water. and this morning craig and bright crawford are remembering 2-year-old slayed. his mother says she put a life jacket on her 1-year-old but couldn't find slade because the water was too deep. craig says he tried to hold on but the raging river pulled the toddler right out of his arms. >> i just feel like i could have done better but it was just so hard. my son was dead. it was just so bad. i always want him to know that i love him. i'll see him one day.
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>> craig and bright clung to a tree limb with their 1-year-old son for nearly six hours waiting to be rescued, home, suv destroyed in the water. rescuers found slade's body but it was too late to save him. 6:07. new at 6:00 -- al-qaeda marks the eighth anniversary of september 11 with a nearly two-hour video. in it the group predicts that president obama's downhaul fall at the hands of the muslim world. the arabic language video released on militant web sites and features a review of events of the past year and testimony from al-qaeda leaders. analysts believe that al-qaeda has been alarmed by obama's popularity in the middle east. the latest on the trial with the death the john travolta's 16-year-old son. prosecutors say the paramedics who treated jett before he died threatened to release private information unless the actor paid him $25 million. police say that the scheme
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involved a document related to the treatment of jett. the 16-year-old was chronically ill and died following a seizure in january. john travolta is listed as one of the 14 witnesses expected to take the stand in this case. 6:08. hold it -- ah. let it get away. orioles lose to the blue jays 6-5. trembley had it set up perfectly. close it with jim johnson for the 3-run lead. against the fence. orioles lose this, 6-5. brian roberts though had the highlight of the night. a double, his 55th of the year, ties the record for doubles by a switch hitter. lance berkman did it in 2001. it was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. >> but an uninvited guest quickly ruined a couple's wedding. we'll tell you what happened. incredible video of the flooding going on in georgia. it was so bad a roller coaster was nearly covered in water and you're allowed a lunch
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break but bowling on the job? why these officers are in so much trouble this morning. 6:09. we're looking at the flooding rain in the deep south. it's away from atlanta but they may get a resurgens, a lot that moisture heads our way. coming up. let's check the roads with kim. >> traffic is moving very smoothly, pretty much all around the area, this is anne arundel county, route 50 at route 97, no real issues. we'll be right back with a complete report.
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ed there could be some relief in sight in georgia with the rain expected to slow down. the fast-moving waters have already caused so much devastation that forecast is really little comfort to residents. at least nine deaths were caused by the floodings and homes and schools remain in several feet of water. hundreds of millions of dollars in damage have been caused and those that survived the floods now have to figure out how they are going to recover. >> we started thinking what it
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would take to recover but before we could think about that -- i don't know what is flooded. >> i'm laughing here but really crying on the inside. because this is just -- unbelievable. >> just to give you a better idea of how bad this is and how high the water is, take a look at the screen now. this is six flags amusement park. the water is so high you can see that most of the roller coaster is pretty much under water. while they are dealing with floods, new fires resurged in southern california, ventura county. we'll hear more about that later this morning as well. relatively tranquil around here. first full day of autumn, 67 degrees to start in baltimore. mid to upper 60s across the east coast. a very warm start to the day and it's going to be a warm day at least by late september standards with moisture abun doesn't in the form of heavy rains across the central new jersey and some more showers stretching down the coast and also down through virginia, so
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we're going to watch the wind flow to try to carry more showers up the mountains and up north from the piedmont into our direction. so even though we don't have it now, just a little bit of patchy fog, we're going to watch this continued persistent pattern and it's because of two reasons. number one, what used to be hurricane fred this. remnant low pressure system off the carolina coast pumping in moist iture for the eastern seaboard. a large upper level system across the nation's heartland pumping in this tropical feed across the deep south. right now atlanta is escaping it but some of the moisture tries to work back in. this whole pattern brings in some of that heavy rain for us as we finish off the weekend. for today our two-degree guarantee gets to us 80. mostly cloudy, means maybe a break or of two sun but showers will try to develop them afternoon. for tonight, threat of a few showers lingering with patchy fog, back to 67. so essentially if you've had the umbrella either in your purse, bag or car keep it there. the threat of a shower will continue through tomorrow though partly sunny, will push warmer air in at about 83
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degrees. temperature will actually fall off dramatically over the weekend with a chance of some heavy rain and we'll check out that extended forecast in a bit. 6:15. remember our our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. and if you want twitter updates i'm sure you'll hear about that from kim brown? >> yes. it's been a quiet morning so far on twitter but you can always follow me, heading to the dc area, most of the southbound routes looking good, no problems on 295 southbound or southbound 29. this is 95 looking good in howard county in this shot but keep going further down and we have word of a crash on southbound 95 at route 198 in laurel. use caution as you approach that area. in parole, still dealing with the gas main break at riva road and truman parkway, that intersection is closed. bge is on the scene. northbound, harbor tunnel thruway at the bw parkway, that earlier debris has been cleared from the lane there. if you're looking for a business you know you can trust, let your better business bureau do the work for you with their a rated video business
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directory. log on to back to you. dale horn on twice this week. he was on monday for "good morning maryland" at 9:00. here he is back again. our certified financial planner. and from sykesville, she's already thinking ahead. ready? here's her message. in light of where we are this year with the stocks and what is happening, is there any advice you have now for year-end planning? help her out. >> ok, the two strategies i'll talk about. the first is harvesting tax losses within the portfolio. second is taking gains, longterm gains in 2009. here's the thought process behind it -- number one, if you look at a taxable portfolio, that means a portfolio that is not ira or 401k where you can actually have some tax benefits from the losses, if you've made any changes in the last three years you're likely sitting on some losses in the portfolios and some gains. so those could be for mutual funds, could be for stocks, could be for bonds. if you have those losses in the
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portfolio it may make sense to take some of losses now to offset gains either now or in the future. here's how it works -- you have $3,000 a year you can take against your ordinary income and remaining portion can offset the gains in the portfolio. if you don't use them it builds up a bank so you can use it year after year. the losses are likely to be erased if the rally continues and the market improves so it may take sense to take them now. consult your adviser. if you're in the 125% tax bracket -- 25% tax bracket or above, 15%. they are likely to go higher in 2011. nothing is set in stone now but with the amount of government spending we're having it looks as though that is one of the areas that are going to be attacked. if you own a business, if you have significant longterm gains it may make sense to start harvesting some of those now, work with your tax adviser and financial planner to craft a
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plan, it may take a year, two years to get through it but take advantage of rates while they are low. maybe the lowest we've seen in history. >> help you out? she's nodding yes. >> great time to be asking questions. >> dale horn, our certified financial planner every wednesday on "good morning maryland." it's 6:18. still ahead on "good morning maryland" -- acorn fights back after that scandalous video came about their organization. you'll never believe where the 4-month-old's parents were. first, the business news from new york. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your "moneyscope report" with two of the nation's biggest banks easing overdraft fees. bank of america and jp morgan chase are lowering or eliminating charges that critics call excessive. starting next month bank of america will allow customers to cut off their debit card when their account hits zero to avoid overdraft fees. the bank will also cap the fees
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and beginning next year chase will allow customers to opt out of overdraft coverage and eliminate some fees. companies slashed more than three million jobs last year but most chief executives didn't even take a pay cut. a new study finds ceo pay was essentially unchanged last year, down just slightly. at the same time the dow plunged more than 37%. the stuy's -- study's author suggests the board of directors didn't blame ceo's for the bad economy. finding a job around the holidays will be a bit more difficult this year. in a survey published in "the wall street journal" nearly half the nation's 25 biggest retailers including best buy and saks expect fewer workers than last year. general motors is ramping up production and bringing back workers. gm is recalling 2,400 laid off workers and adds three shifts at three midwest factories. the automaker will keep the plants running 24 hours a day. ford is making a push to
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become a bigger player in asia. the fastest-growing region for the auto industry. today the company is unveiling a low-cost small car that will be made in india. on friday the company is expected to announce plans to open its third plant in china. a second coming of the beatle maina has the fab four breaking records again. more than 2.4 million copies of the remastered albums were sold in the first five days after their release september 9th. that is your "moneyscope report." i'm vinita nair.
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good morning.
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6:23. on the extended forecast you notice two days around 80 degrees. not bad to start off fall. 80 today, comes with mostly cloudy skies, maybe a break or two of sun but still the threat of a shower. i know that threat has been around for a while but just keep that umbrella handy. 67 overnight and tomorrow. partly sunny, 83 with a chance of a late-day thunderstorm. we'll knock it down 10 notches to 73 on friday. then the weekend starts off dry but increasing clouds and rain probably to come in by saturday evening. 68 and rain could be heavy at times. saturday in through sunday with a high back to near 70. 6:24 on the clock. back to the roads with kim brown. >> we don't have problems to let you know about so far on the beltway. 95 southbound as you make your way down towards the dc area moving along at a good pace, no problems there. here in howard county -- i should say. but another crash further down 9 a southbound -- 95 southbound at route 198 in laurel. that crash blocks the right shoulder at this time. the intersection still closed at riva road and truman parkway because of the gas main repair.
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i'll let you know when it reopens. looking for a business you know you can trust? let your better business bureau do the work for you with the a-rated video business directory. log on to for more information. back to you. it was supposed to be the happiest day of your life but one couple in indiana is having mixed emotions about their wedding day. here's why. they had a wonderful ceremony, great reception but it ended with someone stealing their wedding gifts. the couple went to the table to get their bird cage where you typically put in gifts and cards. couldn't find it. not one of the 350 guests took it but an uninvited guest who just walked in. >> i want to have good thoughts, but all i can think about is the thieves taking that money. the kids had a lot of plans for that, it just makes me sad. >> i figured we didn't have any kind of money before we got married so what's the difference if we don't have any now? >> they did say the money would
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have been nice for their honeymoon. police are now continuing to search for that thief. it's estimated about $5,000 in cash and checks and gift cards were in that bird cage. bummer. if you're a parent, this video could make your heart stop. >> why this little girl is so lucky to be alive this morning. ♪
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the numbers just can't cut it so the mayor will. today we're going to learn just how maybe jobs will be lost -- many jobs will be lost and how this will effect you. there will be and internal investigation into acorn but it won't start in maryland. while the maybe wanted one bottle mom and dad wanted another. why bar patrons are in a little bit of trouble this wednesday morning. that and more. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. >> with your weather meteorologist justin berk. >> 6:29. good morning. on this first full morning of autumn a little mugginess and patchy fog or mist depending on your location. not as widespread as it had been the last two mornings. 66 at the airport. 100% humidity. at the bottom of the screen we see cars rolling southbound coming our way on the jones falls expressway. looks like we're in pretty good shape. barometer falling. the environment


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